1) What is the Agility+ Talent Network?

The Talent Network is a network of Freelance consultant who are made available onto consulting projects that Agility+ takes on. 

2) Who can apply to join the Network? 

Anyone can register by submitting their profile and uploading a relevant CV. The general functional areas of interest for Agility+ are described on the website, www.agility.asia/register


3) What is the eligibility criteria? 

Our team will call or meet with you in person for a screening before you are registered onto our database as a Freelance consultant. Generally your profile must match one of the priority functional areas we seek, and you must provide a clear indication of the amount of time you can spend on Freelance projects on a weekly basis via the registration form. 


4) How do I get deployed onto projects?

The Agility+ team will match you onto projects depending on the specific client and project need. Communication will be via email or phone. 

5) How do I improve my chances of matching? 

Make sure your profile has a clear description of your competencies and experiences. It is important that you clearly establish the breadth and depth of your past experiences and work history in order for us to gauge your capabilities and competencies that you could bring to projects.  

6) How will my work be assessed? 

Generally the Agility+ team will assess the work delivered alongside the client being engaged. 

7) When do I get paid for my services? 

We propose payment after the work is completed, and within 2 weeks of assessment and hand over. Payment will be via bank transfer or any other form of e-payment. 

8) Do I need to be in Malaysia to deliver the work? 

For software and coding related projects you are not expected to be at the client site and therefore do not have to be in country. However for hands-on client engagement, such as growth hacking, and marketing optimisation some client exposure is to be required. 

9) Who owns the IP of my work? 

The paying client will generally own all IP. 

10) How do I notify Agility+ of changes in my work situation/commitment? 

Drop us an email or phone call to make any changes for now. We will be creating a self serve online system in due time for you to self manage this in the future.