Business consulting for the digital age


We help build robust strategy and execution plans that accelerate growth for your organisation.


Agility+ provides end-to-end business consulting services to corporate clients, government agencies and small/medium enterprises, as well as tech startups.

We operate across a wide range of industry sectors, with a focus priority towards technology and digital enablement. 

Agility+ covers a wide ambit of functions, from strategy, to operations, M&A and corporate finance, as well as key transformation agendas. 

For smaller client and team needs, we also offer tenure based and tactical support in areas of analytics, growth hacking, marketing optimisation and strategy development. 


Our client partners consist of experienced professionals and subject-matter experts, supported by a panel of established advisors.


We are a group of seasoned practitioners from the corporate sector, consulting industry, and startup/ venture space, with an average working tenure of 10+ years. 


Our experiences are relevant to a wide range of clients. Where relevant, particularly for implementation projects, we will source third party expertise on a needs basis. 


We are passionate about what we do and the Agility+ team operates like a startup; lean, agile, dynamic and flexible to suit your every requirement.


Standard consulting

  • Strategy and management consulting projects 

  • 1-3 month continuous support 

  • Project based fee 

  • Senior coverage 

  • Around clock interaction


Implementation focused

  • Growth hacking, operations & marketing optimisation

  • 3-6 month typical engagement period 

  • Retainer/resource fee 

  • Co-location possible 

  • Ops. resourcing model 


Digital enablement

  • Software dev, tech integration & plumbing 

  • Duration depends on implementation 

  • 3rd party dev support

  • Software development 

  • Analytics tools 

  • API integration 

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